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Seeing Around Corners

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How did recognizing a simple pain point, that most shavers had come to accept as just the “way things are,” enable Harry’s to disrupt an $18 billion market and topple the entrenched giants Gillette and Schick from their perches? How did some retail newcomers like The RealReal and incumbents like Walmart maintain growth and valuations while others like Lord & Taylor, Brooks Brothers, MUJI, and J.C. Penney dropped into bankruptcy like flies? Why have so many fallen in the face of Amazon and yet Best Buy has been able to hold its own?

The underlying pattern between those who thrive in the face of unexpected change and those who fall is remarkably simple once you see it. Rita McGrath, one of the most influential innovation and strategy thought leaders, author of multiple best-selling books (most recently Seeing Around Corners), and professor at Columbia Business School, will lay out this pattern and walk participants through a systematic process to be the disruptor rather than the disrupted.

She will walk us through a tool-kit to help us sense when an inflection point is underway, identify what attributes of our product, service, and business model will change, and conduct the kind of fact-based agile experiments that will position us ahead of the wave of change.

Rita has been invited by hundreds of top management teams of global corporations to help them prepare for inflection points, unlock innovation, and reinvent their strategies. Now it is your chance to not only learn from, but directly interact with her, to ask her your most critical questions, and enable you to turn change into strategic opportunity.

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About Rita McGrath

Rita McGrath is a fixture in the Thinkers50 top ten of the Thinkers50.  Based at Columbia Business School, where she directs the popular Leading Strategic Growth and Change program, she is widely recognized as a premier expert on leading innovation and growth during times of uncertainty.  Her time is now!

Rita is recognized as one of a small group of experts who have built today’s best-in-class innovation practices, and her tools for making innovation a managed proficiency was integral to the foundation of the lean startup movement.

Rita is the author of the best-selling The End of Competitive Advantage and Seeing Around Corners: How to Spot Inflection Points in Business Before They Happen.  She has written three other books, including Discovery Driven Growth, cited by Clayton Christensen as creating one of the most important management ideas ever developed.  Rita is the founder of Techtonic, a company focused on helping organizations go beyond innovation theater by developing tools to implement the Discovery Driven Growth approach.

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Additional Exclusive On-Demand Content from:

Ron Boire

Ron is a globally experienced organizational transformation specialist sought out by boards to help them navigate some of the harshest operating environments within the consumer products and retail sectors. His leadership has rapidly transformed underperforming businesses and operating groups to create measurable results in harsh environments.

Ron has held C-level roles as CEO of Barnes & Noble, Sears Canada, and Brookstone, as well as senior leadership positions at Sony, Toys R Us, Sears Holdings and Best Buy. Philosophically, he embraces inclusive leadership, management empowerment, and capability creation, while recognizing that coming to grips with significant transformation always requires facing uncomfortable realities on the part of management teams and the boards of organizations.

Ron has MBAs from Columbia Business School and London Business School. He is the co-founder, along with his wife, of the Ferguson Noonan Foundation, a 501(c)3 charity focused on educating underprivileged children and is a member of the National Board of Directors of the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Tony Ulwick

Tony is the pioneer of jobs-to-be-done theory and the inventor of Outcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI), a powerful innovation process with a documented success rate that is 5-times the industry average. Tony has been granted 12 patents for his game-changing innovation practices, which result in products that help customers get a “job” done better.

Tony began his career with IBM’s PC division in 1981. Witnessing the failure of the PCjr, Tony was inspired to develop a better approach to innovation. Since founding the innovation consultancy Strategyn in 1991, he and his global team of ODI practitioners have led strategy engagements with over one-third of the Fortune 100, helping them generate billions of dollars in revenue growth.

Tony is the author of the original Jobs-to-be-Done book: What Customers Want, his recent release, Jobs-to-be-Done: Theory to Practice, and additional articles on ODI published in HBR and MIT Sloan Management Review. Through his involvement in hundreds of innovation initiatives, Tony has helped companies reinvent underperforming products, create new business models, and build and implement company-wide innovation programs. 

Michael Sikorsky

Michael co-founded Robots and Pencils in 2009 with the then-contrarian view that mobile would be more transformative than the Internet. Since then, the company has become a trusted strategic partner to some of the world’s largest brands, helping to reinforce its clients as innovators by operationalizing frontier technologies.

With a growth rate of 4,971% in the first five years, Robots & Pencils was named the 34th fastest growing tech company in North America by Deloitte. Michael credits the success of Robots and Pencils to its secret sauce: talent obsession.

The company has created more than 250 apps used by 77 million worldwide, and has leveraged AI, machine learning, bots and conversational user interfaces to create products that have been previously inconceivable.

Michael is a sought-after speaker on the topics of innovation, business strategy, and mobile and frontier technologies, having guest lectured at Harvard Business School, Stanford, MIT, and Columbia University.


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